A Must See Movie For All You Budding Entrepreneurs This Christmas!

New Movie 'Joy' Celebrates Something We Already Appreciate: Entrepreneurs

A household mop may at first glance seem like an unlikely character for a major motion picture, especially one featuring three of the biggest movie stars on the planet: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

But, hang on.

This is not just any ordinary mop.

It's the Miracle Mop, a QVC mainstay in the early 1990s hawked by its inventor, Long Island housewife and single mother of three, Joy Mangano.
The reason this mop went viral (1990s-style) and three years after its 1992 debut was selling $1 million worth per year -- was its innovative self-wringing feature, which frees users from having to touch a dirty, icky mop head.

There's more: The mop's plastic handle is lightweight, and its head's 300 feet of continuous-loop cotton can clean an expansive floor space, then -- hallelujah! -- be popped off for a sanitizing run in the washing machine.

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