You Need To Solve A Problem

This is a great video interview with Chalene Johnson.

She started her business from home with very little.
The principles she outlines are extremely relevant for ANY business model.

The one thing I picked up on (and I hope you do as well) is "relationship"
Listen to her and what she says as it is a blueprint you can follow.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Chalene Johnson is an American physical fitness authority, choreographer, author, and entrepreneur. Chalene Johnson started studying dance and martial arts at age 3.

As a child, she followed her mother to her Jazzercise classes and saw that they were all about music and dancing and just a lot of fun.

She continued training in tae kwon do, dance, and aerobics while a student at Michigan State University.

After moving to California in the early '90s, she worked as a paralegal and applied to law school. 
At that time personal training was becoming very popular and she began training before and after work, she quickly realized that she had a passion for fitness. 

Years later, she created a group exercise class that combined dance and kickboxing. 

This led to the creation of TurboJam home fitness exercise program.

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