Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic..The Cold Hard Facts

Getting traffic is not the same for everyone. It depends on your budget! 

When I first started online I was making $10 an hour working in plastic fabrication. I also had a wife and kid. 

And yet, I still set aside a budget to promote my website and online business. 

That's how I started making an income online. 

The way I think of it, virtually every serious business in the world spends money to advertise. So why would online business be any different? 

Online business isn't magic. Just because we're all "online" doesn't mean marketing principles that have been proved for 100's of years fly out the window. 

Free advertising is great, and I'll show you free methods here as well. 

But they take more time... And the absolute biggest DEmotivator in my opinion is not seeing growing results within the first month or so...

So here's what I recommend. Figure out asap what you can afford to spend per month on running paid ads, like solo ads and banner ads (two of my favorites). 

Solo ads are awesome because you can run an ad and earn a string of commissions SAME DAY. 

Banner ads are cool because you run them on other peoples' websites, and they just "sit there" making you money as people click and order - total autopilot.

Maybe you can afford $50 a month. Maybe $100. Maybe $500. I dunno. But whatever the case, set it aside and be SMART about it. Don't just think any old ad will work. Spend your money wisely just like you'd spend it wisely anywhere else. 

Advertising online isn't magic. You still wanna test small and THEN "go big."

And if you don't have ANY ad budget at all right now, then skip to the FREE methods and be prepared to spend quite a bit more time advertising. 

Here's the thing: The reason paid ads cost money is because other people have ALREADY spent their own time building a list or getting regular daily traffic to their website. 

So they're able to charge you a fee because they're sharing their traffic with you - the traffic that took them TIME to BUILD... So if you do free advertising only, you generally can't expect to get the same amount of traffic that they're getting. 

They've invested the time and done the work and built the traffic. 

So with free advertising, you need to put in the time as well.

(...And that right there, is basically THE thing that separates the 6 and 7 figure earners from the failures online. 

If you want to learn this stuff, you could do a lot worse than check out this guy below....more about that later though...

There are people who want instant cash online, and chase after shiny objects and all the latest launches one after another thinking they'll get it. 

And then, there are people who work to BUILD cash that eventually comes in on autopilot. 

Which group do you think succeeds? ;)

So what I recommend especially in the case of free traffic, is deciding asap how much TIME you have to set aside daily or weekly. 

Launch it out and schedule it. When it's time to do your free advertising whether writing and submitting articles, or making YouTube videos, or participating in forum marketing, or writing for your own blog, or other, grab a snack...flip on the tv...and have fun with it!

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