What Are Your Daily Rituals?

You have to have the right rituals for your life - a routine that makes sense. 
I've found there is only one tried and true routine that works for me to be productive.

I call it "The Experiment Routine," meaning I had to do at least a dozen experiments to find precisely what works at that given moment in my life.

It changes a bit with the seasons of life.

Sometimes it's waking up early. Sometimes it's doing more later in the day.

Here are a few universal principles I think all good routines must have:
1. Do the most important things SECOND: What I mean is wake up, eat, read, and exercise a bit first to warm up. Then, jump right into the day's most important task.

2. Sit in a chair with a yellow notepad every day:
Draw out diagrams of your day's strategy. Not lists. Pictorial flow charts. Don't ever feel you're wasting time strategizing. You're not. You're the army general of your life. Winning generals plot and strategize.

3. Combine activities to increase productivity:
Try to read while you eat. Or workout listening to audio books. Or play chess while you are waiting on an appointment. Hacks like this seem to add an extra 24 hours to your day.

These are a few of my life routine tricks.

What are a few of yours?

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